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Views on Adult Education

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An Introduction to “Views on Adult Education”

By Leslie Heimbaugh

By Leslie Heimbaugh

In my new blog, “Views on Adult Education,” I plan to explore two aspects of this important subject each month. First, I’ll talk about my experience working with adults at the Perry County Literacy Council (PCLC) who have decided to pursue their high school equivalency diplomas and workforce credentials to build better lives for themselves and their families. Secondly, I’ll write about my adventures returning to college to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at Central Penn College.

Each path is likely to be dotted with the natural highs and lows of pushing oneself far outside of one’s comfort zone. I’ve experienced the thrill and tremendous satisfaction of hard work just as I have also felt the utter despair of working well past midnight with seemingly no end in sight. Although I still have quite a ways to go, I have my heart set on the result of becoming a better written and verbal communicator so that I can do more to help our PCLC students to reach their goals of self-sufficiency.

I want to lay out a few ground rules for this blog. I will never write about a student without their express permission, and I will strictly honor their requests for anonymity if that is their choice. I also plan to introduce you to our tutors, paid staff, volunteers, supporters, and partners. Finally, I want to let you know about all of the services PCLC offers to our clients. Anything that falls under the umbrella of adult education is fair game.

[PCLC] is a place for second chances.
— Governor Tom Wolf

My goal with this blog is to inspire interest in adult education in every way possible. If you, the reader, find value in these stories, maybe you’ll be inspired to become a tutor. All that is required is a Bachelor’s Degree and a sincere desire to work alongside some incredibly dedicated people. If your time is limited, but you have the treasure to share, and you feel moved to contribute to our agency’s work either independently or through one of our three fundraisers, that is great, too. Most of all, though, I hope to inspire a sense of understanding and compassion for those people in our community who need help, for whatever reason. Many of us could easily find ourselves experiencing hard times, often due to no fault of our own. Whether it was generational poverty or an indiscretion during a formative period in someone’s life that derailed their success, everyone deserves another chance. In 2014, during a visit to PCLC, Governor Tom Wolf said, “[PCLC] is a place for second chances.” At PCLC, we believe that with every fiber of our being.