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As I’ve said in my previous posts, I am the Development Director, Administrative Assistant, and Office Manager for Perry County Literacy Council (PCLC). Our organization is small, and everyone who works at PCLC naturally has many jobs. The needs of our clients and students always come first, so quite often, our marketing efforts get very little attention, and our beautiful website is sadly out of date. As a project for one of my college classes, I plan to give PCLC’s website a long overdue facelift.

Since adult literacy is often an anonymous business, it is difficult to make a significant change visually on the website. Fortunately, I will be able to add new visuals to the website’s testimonials. These personal stories and quotes are so moving and engaging, and not surprisingly, they have proven to be a major source of financial and volunteer support for PCLC. I expect to interview and photograph at least ten new people. At the moment, we have a tab devoted to testimonials, but to support our need for new visuals, I’m planning to scatter the stories throughout the website and use that tab for another subject yet to be determined.

25th Race Logo.jpg

One of my biggest regrets has been that I’ve never had time to post pictures and describe in detail all of the wonderful things that happen at the Race for Reading. The statistics are staggering, and our supporters would love to know how much we raised and other exciting information about the evening. I also want to use this page to express our overwhelming gratitude to our incredible Race committee, as well as our outstanding community supporters and donors. The Race and all events surrounding it are a large part of my final project as well.

On the homepage “News” tab, we have more relevant and current stories to post and share. On the “About” tab, the history section needs to be expanded. We have always wanted to share PCLC’s story more completely, and thanks to the efforts of a founding Board member, Anne Chappelka, we have a photo archive to share, too. New staff, updated portraits, and revisions to the Board listing round out the overhaul. The “Program” and “Partnership” tabs are in reasonably good shape, but both need a few tweaks.

Finally, it makes sense to connect my blog to the website so that the blog can be a place to explain PCLC’s services further in a more relaxed and engaging way. I hope that the blog will start a conversation and help to expand on our community’s understanding of what our agency does to improve the lives of our Perry County neighbors. I want to keep the language friendly and informative; our Board and committee members need a resource to help to explain the depth and breadth of how we can help people in need.

It is imperative for PCLC’s website to be a place where supporters, donors, and volunteers can deepen their understanding of exactly how much good we can do – together.

            My reasons for choosing to work for PCLC are a no-brainer. Simply stated, I will always embrace every opportunity to illuminate the power of helping our Perry County residents in need. And I’ll never stop trying to banish the stigma of poverty. Our students and clients are human beings who have been forced to make tough choices, and I am not going to do anything to make their lives tougher. It is imperative for PCLC’s website to be a place where supporters, donors, and volunteers can deepen their understanding of exactly how much good we can do – together.

            In the area of marketing and publicity, I’ll never run out of work. This project will help me to implement new priorities and encourage me to keep our website and print materials fresh and current.